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I’m Samorn Selim. 

I’m a lawyer turned career coach on a mission for us to take our careers from dread to joy. As the daughter of poor Lao refugees, I was told to pay my dues.

After coaching over 1,000 clients, I now realize that the idea that you have to pay your dues and work in a toxic place is a myth. 

We can face our challenges head on, do work we are passionate about, and work with good people with kind hearts to make a big impact. So even as we struggle, we can find a sense of belonging.

Sep 27, 2022

Do you have debt?  And you’re ashamed about it?  Jen Lee shares:  


- How to overcome feelings of shame in debt and bankruptcy.

- Why money shouldn’t be a taboo topic.

- If you are struggling with money, you are not alone.

- The importance of learning financial literacy to stay out of debt.

- Why student loans are...

Sep 20, 2022

Do you want to become a DEI consultant?  But you’re not sure what qualifications you need?  Janice shares:


- How she built her DEI business during the pandemic.

- Why optimizing rest and scheduling time for self care and sleep is important to success.

- How to learn to be your no. 1 fan.

- What having a horrible...

Sep 13, 2022

Do you want to make a career change?  But you’re not sure how to do it?  Thomas shares:


- How he made multiple career pivots from government to tech to VC.

- What qualities to look for when founding a startup.

- Why having a vision will help you with rejections.

- How he manages his depression and suicidal ideation...

Sep 6, 2022


Do you have imposter syndrome?  And you’re wondering if it’ll ever go away?  Rasha shares:


- Why she believes imposter syndrome is not just internal doubt, but part of external factors like microaggressions.

- How she found a sense of belonging in Big Law.

- How to balance being a working mom and a leader at...