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I’m Samorn Selim. 

I’m a lawyer turned career coach on a mission for us to take our careers from dread to joy. As the daughter of poor Lao refugees, I was told to pay my dues.

After coaching over 1,000 clients, I now realize that the idea that you have to pay your dues and work in a toxic place is a myth. 

We can face our challenges head on, do work we are passionate about, and work with good people with kind hearts to make a big impact. So even as we struggle, we can find a sense of belonging.

Apr 26, 2022


Have you struggled with addiction?  And you know this is how you want to live, but you’re not sure how to make a change?  Leigh Steinberg (real-life inspiration for Oscar-winning Jerry McGuire & Chairman of Leigh Steinberg Sports and Entertainment Holdings) shares:  


- How being a dorm counselor of a football...

Apr 19, 2022

Do you feel burnt out and need time off?  But you’re afraid employers will see it as a red flag?  Lisa Chin (Intellectual Property Leader & Lawyer at Fortune 500 Company) shares:


- Why she took a year off to travel and explore what she really wanted from her career.

- How being candid about why she took time off...

Apr 12, 2022

Do you have a mental illness and you’re afraid it’s ruined your life?  Rohan Kallicharan (Director of People & Talent of Carbon Clean) shares: 


- How he has bipolar disorder, survived multiple suicide attempts, and became an advocate for mental health.

- How after being diagnosed and getting help, he had to...

Apr 5, 2022

Do you know what you’re doing is not the right fit for you?  But you’re afraid to leave?  Sarah Cottrell, founder of Former Lawyer, shares:  


- How she paid off her student loans and left the practice of law.

- How she had a dream to build her business for 8 years, and why she finally did it.  

- How narcissism...