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I’m Samorn Selim. 

I’m a lawyer turned career coach on a mission for us to take our careers from dread to joy. As the daughter of poor Lao refugees, I was told to pay my dues.

After coaching over 1,000 clients, I now realize that the idea that you have to pay your dues and work in a toxic place is a myth. 

We can face our challenges head on, do work we are passionate about, and work with good people with kind hearts to make a big impact. So even as we struggle, we can find a sense of belonging.

Jan 25, 2022

Are you or someone you know struggling with your mental health? And you don’t know where to start to get help.   


Lauren Tetenbaum (Psychotherapist and Lawyer) shares:  


- How you can give yourself more grace.

- How to find the right therapist for you.

- Why there’s power in you sharing your story.



Jan 18, 2022

Are you a first generation professional who wants to build a great reputation and strong network?

Dyanna Volek shares:

- How to build a stellar reputation and get featured on The New York Times and CNN and get referrals to jobs you love.

- How passion planning can help you reach your goals, like finding your...

Jan 11, 2022

Do you want to make a career pivot, but you struggle with how to get started?  Heather Stevenson of the Boston Globe Media Partner shares:


- How to leverage your network to get an introduction for new jobs.

- How to show that your past work experience in a different industry is transferable to the role you desire.


Jan 4, 2022

Are you afraid that you don’t have what it takes to build your dream career?  

Olga Mack, who came to the US as an immigrant, shares:

- Why you need to let go of perfectionism and embrace your authentic typos.
- How technology is a very sharp knife that can be used to kill or cure.
-What women can do to build...