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I’m Samorn Selim. 

I’m a lawyer turned career coach on a mission for us to take our careers from dread to joy. As the daughter of poor Lao refugees, I was told to pay my dues.

After coaching over 1,000 clients, I now realize that the idea that you have to pay your dues and work in a toxic place is a myth. 

We can face our challenges head on, do work we are passionate about, and work with good people with kind hearts to make a big impact. So even as we struggle, we can find a sense of belonging.

May 14, 2024


Do you identify as Asian American?  And you’re finding it challenging to figure out what parts make you whole?  Melissa shares:

- Feeling Culturally Misunderstood? Dr. Melissa Chan, PhD (East Asian Languages & Cultures), shares her unique experience growing up Chinese Burmese American.
- Beyond the Model Minority...

May 7, 2024


Feeling Stuck in Your Career? Learn how Leang Chung, a former Khmer refugee and founder of Pelora Stack, overcame limiting beliefs and built a fulfilling career path. This episode is packed with actionable tips for:

- Making a Major Career Change: Explore Leang's journey, including transitioning to first-time...

Apr 30, 2024


Struggling to find purpose after the pandemic's disruptions? You're not alone. In this episode, Winnie Yee-Lakhani, Founder & Chef of Smoke Queen Barbeque, shares her inspiring story of resilience and reinvention.

What You'll Learn:

- Overcoming the difficulty of laying off employees.
- Channeling passion into a new...

Apr 23, 2024


Do you dream of being your own boss, but fear holding you back? In this inspiring episode, lawyer and entrepreneur Danielle McMillian shares her remarkable journey of overcoming adversity and building a life of purpose.

We delve into:

- How a furry feline friend sparked the creation of her successful pet sitting...

Apr 16, 2024


Feeling stuck and unsure of your next step? You're not alone. In this episode, we're joined by the inspiring Kate Sullivan, a 4x Emmy award-winning journalist and host of PBS's "To Dine For." Kate shares her powerful insights on how to reinvent yourself and pursue your dreams, even when fear holds you back.